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Debt Relief for Homeowners

by: admin January 19, 2011

When the American real estate market crashed in 2006, so did the second mortgage financing that enabled homeowners to make credit card problems disappear. Unfortunately with no equity, lenders were not interested in offering debt consolidation home loans.  With no equity, there was no collateral so the home equity loan programs disappeared and debt relief [...]

Debt Relief Solutions

by: admin May 10, 2010

Which Debt Relief Solution Makes Sense for You?  Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation Debt settlement offers the ability to eliminate your unsecured debt.  Consolidation loans will consolidate debt, which will lower the interest and monthly payments, but with debt consolidation no debt is forgiven.  However, both debt solutions will have various consequences on your credit score and future financial options. [...]

Debt Relief Options for Credit Card Debt

by: admin February 23, 2010

Do you have at least $10,000 of unsecured debt?  Do you have credit card debt that keeps escalating each months because the minimum payments only goes towards the interest on the debt. Debt relief can be a great solution for unsecured debt reduction. • Reduce credit card rates and • Eliminate late fees • Lower [...]

Debt Settlement Solution or Scam?

by: admin February 1, 2010

Question: Dear Financial Adviser, I have a handful of credit cards that total about $23,000 in credit card debt.  Until recently, I have always paid my bills on time. Just recently, I received a letter from a debt relief company. I placed a phone call to them and they said I likely qualify for a [...]