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Debt Relief Solutions

by: admin May 10, 2010

Which Debt Relief Solution Makes Sense for You?  Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation Debt settlement offers the ability to eliminate your unsecured debt.  Consolidation loans will consolidate debt, which will lower the interest and monthly payments, but with debt consolidation no debt is forgiven.  However, both debt solutions will have various consequences on your credit score and future financial options. [...]

Debt Settlement Solution or Scam?

by: admin February 1, 2010

Question: Dear Financial Adviser, I have a handful of credit cards that total about $23,000 in credit card debt.  Until recently, I have always paid my bills on time. Just recently, I received a letter from a debt relief company. I placed a phone call to them and they said I likely qualify for a [...]

Debt Settlement Tips

by: admin January 31, 2010

Becoming debt free is great feat. Getting beyond the a debt settlement process can be a daunting process, but worthwhile if you choose the right company and if you remain committed to eliminating credit card debt through the debt negotiations process.  Bad credit debt consolidation is much more difficult these days if you are trying to [...]